IPTV Service in Canada – What to Expect

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So what can you expect from and IPTV service in Canada. Some people dont even know what an IPTV service is yet alone what to expect from it. I can totally be honest here in saying that two years ago I did not have a clue on what an IPTV even was. I thought it was some sort of television. So even though I run a tech savvy blog, it certainly goes to show that not everyone knows everything.

So what is IPTV and what can you expect to get from it. IPTV is internet based television. It primarily runs from servers that stream live tv channels. If you are an avid Android Tv Box user you might know of this. If you tried to stream television channels back in the past you might know that running live tv on Kodi really sucked. It would run so slow, and bog out half the time. Could drive a person insane to be honest.

However, over time it has gotten much better and IPTV was born. Having IPTV is just like have a regular cable subscription but only better. What you get from it is a range of 1400 – 4400 channels. Yeah you just read that right. You get a lot of channels for you money. But wait, your saying money, So I have to pay for it. Yes, you certainly do, but its nothing like paying for a cable bill with your local television company. With IPTV the average cost of a monthly service is around 20 bucks per month. Which is a drop in the pal when it comes to paying 150 bucks on a normal cable subscription.

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What Channels do I Get?

When it comes to IPTV and the channel lineup you will not be disappointed. Your practically going to receive every single channel that is known to man. First of you will get all of those local channels that you always watch, plus you will get a pile of premium channels that normally you would have to pay a fortune to get. I remember when I had a premium cable subscription, my bill was close to 200 bucks per month. Suck the big one I tell you. But you wont have that with IPTV Subscription in Canada. Your gonna get those great channels like CTV, Global, CBC, CityTv and more. Plus you’ll get those great premiums like HBO, PPV Channels, Discovery, AMC, History, H&G, and the list goes on. I can’t write 1400 channels here but you get the picture.

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How does IPTV Subscription work?

Basically all you do is go on there website and setup an account for IPTV. After that you just send them your MAC address from your Android Tv Box and your good to go. Then you can sit back and enjoy thousands of channels for a fraction of the cost you normally would pay. When you sign up you will probably have to download a program for you Android tv box called SB Emulator. This is your IPTV Guide that you will search all the channels with. If you can dont know much about it, you can check out a link below in the resource section on how to install this. But after that you good to go, and all you have to do is click on the channel you like and start watching. Channels will load up extremely quick and you should not have any issues from here on out. Most of the channels now come in HD and a few others in SD. Which aint all that bad for the price you pay.

To Sum Things Up

To sum everything up, if your still paying a big bill in 2018 and you do not have IPTV setup. Then you should check it and try it. Save yourself some major bucks and enjoy the full meaning up streaming. Cut the cord and go IPTV, its the best way to stream content and watch LIVE tv online.

Well that its for, hope you enjoyed this blog post and stay tuned for more great blog post in the future.



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